Speaking of skin care is from facial cleansing and washing your face is decided. It is important to clean your face properly with your own soap.

What will be the basis of skin care will be dirt removal by soap

What will be the basis of skin care will be dirt removal by soap

Washing face is important for skin care. Choosing soap is important.

I worked in Esthetic Salon. At that time I was glad to recommend people who suffer from skin care is the face washing method.
Choose a soap that suits your skin by knowing your skin and doing face washing.
Just wash not only cleanses but it is deep.
Acne skin, sensitive skin, people with oily skin There are different skin types for everyone, but if you want to become skin care and beautiful yourself, first you need to know your skin.
It is to use skincare supplies that suits me after knowing it.
Even soap, there are also soap which makes the refreshing oil refreshing from a low irritation, and it is various.
Wash it so as to envelop it gently so that it does not strain the skin with a soap that suits yourself.
In an esthette well wash it up and wash it like wrapping it with a brush for facial cleansing.

The important thing in washing your face is the temperature of the water you use.
After washing the hands thoroughly before washing, flow with a little warm water than water so that the pores of your face will open a little.
And when washing your face too long, I get stimuli such as washing face soap and so I think that it should be around 30 seconds to 1 minute.
I think that the person with oily skin can wash it a little more, but it is not too long.
And we will gently and carefully shed.
It was a little warmer than water, it was hot water, so I will flow it from the inside to the outside.
It is also a point to gently wipe it gently wrapped as if wrapped in a towel.
If you aim hard skin care and beautiful skin do not strain your skin.

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