First of all in skincare is to choose the first priority, good quality, soap selection. I would like to choose what suits my skin.

What will be the basis of skin care will be dirt removal by soap

What will be the basis of skin care will be dirt removal by soap

How to choose the most important soap in skin care

What I care most about is face washing even in skin care.
Choose soap suitable for your skin.
When I was in high school, I had awesome acne skin and greasy ugly skin quality.
At that time I was almost not interested in facial cleansing, etc. I used a cheap facial cleanser which is placed in a corner of the supermarket.
And after washing my face I was just as it was, I was not interested in beauty at all.
At that time, there was a jealous beauty in the classmate, it was a beautiful thing on her skin, always envied from everyone.
Of course, she was Mottemoto's girl from the surrounding boys.
It does not compare with my skin ... I was always lamenting that.

One day, due to a change of seat, I happened to lie next to her.
Because it was a school of girls alone, our class was a bit relaxed and everyone was like a friend.
I got along well with her, and I decided to go to her house to play.
I went home and asked abruptly.
""Okay, your skin is always beautiful. Enviable! What kind of care are you doing?"" Then she just wash it with a washing face soap that my mother bought ... I replied.
And it showed me that soap.
There are two kinds of this soap, so it seems to be used properly between morning and night.

I think that the price was around 4000 yen.
I decided to ask for it as soon as possible.
It is written that it fits any skin type, and it got clearer when using greasy oily skin cleansed and finished washing.
While I am using it, my acne has healed.
I am very pleased to realize that you can be beautiful with soap.
I got better skin than she could.

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