Redness, itchy acne skin If you are using skin care that has the effect of removing Acne bacteria, it will be improved.

What will be the basis of skin care will be dirt removal by soap

What will be the basis of skin care will be dirt removal by soap

Soap suitable for acne skin care

Human skin quality is characterized by drying and oily, respectively.
Although it may be natural skin quality, there may be abnormalities in the appearance of the skin depending on the living environment.
Is there something bothering you with acne during middle school and high school? Just as the body changes from child to adult Growing is a marked period, so it is when changes occur in the body and skin.
Also, when you belong to the exercise department, you sweat like sweat like everyday, sweating is a very healthy thing for the body. You know that metabolism is activated and physical strength with muscle attached. Of course, metabolism rises and blood circulation is promoted It brings about a good effect by bringing it close to the skin for the skin.
However, after exercising, neglecting the skin care after sweating will cause skin troubles.

Aftercare is to keep your skin clean. It does not mean to add essence to the face or the whole body. Simply sweat it is to wash it.
If this washing method is stubborn, Bacillus breeds in the pores, causing smells and skin troubles.
Acne is one of those skin problems. When humidity is high and it is high temperature, acne bacteria tend to occur.
Acne bacteria and sebum are my favorite food and breeding, so I need care not to get that kind of condition. For people with sweaty constitution and original oily skin, care should be taken to select soap that is indicated as a measure against acne bacteria and it will be hard to become acne.
Can also be used when acne has already left.
Soap that can be used for both body and face is even better for your skin, so it's worth using.

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